The Best Friends A Blogger Could Ask For!

I’m taking a mini break today, so no actual project post this morning (sorry if you were waiting with bated breath!)

If you’ve stopped by Practically Functional in the past week you may have noticed that I’ve been having some technical issues around here. I was able to fix the site being down on Wednesday, but the weird formatting stuff that showed up yesterday was way above my pay grade.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending! As you can see (if you’re reading this on my blog, if you’re in a Reader of some sort, click on over so you can see) my blog is back up: functioning and looking spiffy again! And it’s all thanks to Honey and Jonah from Honeycomb Design Studio.

These two are truly amazing!

I’ve had comments and emails asking about my site design…well, that’s all their work. You may have seen my excited tweets and FB posts months ago when I was working with Honey and Jonah to make the switch from Blogger to WordPress. Honey did an amazing job with the design; I had this half formed idea in my mind involving pink, grey, binder clips, and a little gift tag and she turned that into the awesome site you see today! And Jonah did all of the amazing techy work behind the scenes. He installed WordPress, installed a theme, totally customized it to incorporate Honey’s designs, and made the site fully functional!

It was a HUGE treat for me to just sit back and let someone else take care of it all. :-)

So of course, when I had crazy blog troubles this past week I immediately turned to them. And they jumped right in and took care of it!

On Wednesday my blog had been temporarily shut down by my hosting company because of “excessive server load”. Yikes! My tiny blog should NOT be overloading a huge server!!! I was able to make a few changes that the hosting company deemed sufficient, and they unblocked my site. But I was still freaked out. So Jonah jumped in, ran a bunch of scans, installed security and caching plugins, and did a review of all the code on my blog to make sure everything was okay.

Then, yesterday the formatting on my blog went completely screwy! Somehow one of my CSS files was acting up. Jonah and Honey to the rescue again! On a Sunday, even! They spent all night last night (literally all night, like 8 hours!) getting my blog back up and running and pretty again. And I am SOOOO grateful for all their help!

So, I’m taking a little break from posting a new project today to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Honey and Jonah from Honeycomb Design Studio!

If any of you are looking for design work for your blog, help moving from Blogger to WordPress, or just general tech support, I highly recommend these guys. They’ve saved my blog twice this week! (So far…eek!)

And to end on another happy note, I think that the work they did last night should mean the end of these tech issues I’ve been having. Not to jinx myself or anything, but I’m hopeful we’ve got it under control now. :-)



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  1. Awesome. Ive been thinking of giving my blog a christmas gift if a professional design. I will have to check them out.

  2. Your blog looks great, so glad that you got through some of the technical issues with such great support from the team at Honeycomb!
    Holly recently posted..Pear-Ginger Jam

  3. Yay! Huzzah for tech people. ^_^

  4. I know what you mean about friends helping you in a time of need. I hated how my blog looked and a friend of mine designed a whole new header for me. What a difference it makes.

    BTW, yours looks really nice!
    Sinea recently posted..Organize Your Laundry Room Brilliantly

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